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Cosworth Valve springs


High RPM Single Valve Spring set (16) 4G63

# Manufactured from the finest Japanese Kobe Steel
# Single spring design for easy installation
# Dual chamfered ends
# Increased performance
# Beehive shape allows use of original lightweight alloy retainer

Cosworth High RPM Vale Springs are the result of countless hours of engineering, testing and validation ensuring the best possible spring for high performance applications. Cosworth High RPM Valve Springs are wound from the world's finest Japanese Kobe steel and feature dual chamfered ends to reduce wear on seats and retainers. Each spring has been engineered with increased seat pressure along with higher lift capability for optimum performance potential and improved valve control. Single spring design allows easy installation with no machining required and is perfect for typical high performance use

Part #: 20000164


Ultra-High RPM Dual Valve Spring / Titanium Retainer set

Cosworth Ultra Race Valve Spring Kits are engineered for use in situations that require valve control in extreme conditions. Each kit consists of dual valve springs with matched lightweight titanium retainers, keepers, and hardened steel springs seats. Cosworth Ultra Race Valve Springs are wound from the highest quality chrome silicone steel with chamfered ends and are heat treated and stress relieved for long term reliability. Ultra Race Valve Spring kits are compatible with Cosworth high performance valves.

PART #: KK3813



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